Who we are

We like to call ourselves a “modern workshop.”

In the Renaissance the creatives conceived an idea, developed it in all its aspects and translated it, thanks to a team effort, into possibilities. With the contribution of craftsmen, the idea was then realized and delivered to the world in highest quality.

And that’s how we do it at MQB Srl.

Augmented artisans

Our studio is a creative workshop where we tackle our projects: design, implementation, communication, marketing and distribution. We create innovative products with high technological content, in different sizes and materials, applicable in various sectors.

We operate in different fields: industrial design, architecture, computer graphics, car design, social advertising, trade show and retail design. We step in to develop synergies that lead to innovative and interesting strategies.

We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Parma in the section of innovative Startups since 02/05/2014, pursuant to art. 25 D. L. 25 179/2012, converted into Law n. 221/2012.



The field in which we operate is bursting with creativity: The concept of 3D Printing is gradually becoming part of the common mentality. This new way of producing digitally is affecting people all around the world, including Italy.


FabLab and Makers Revolution

To support our idea of ​​networking, FabLabs have been established in Turin, Milan, Florence, Reggio Emilia, Rome, Naples and Bologna, and not only in Italy, but all over the world. Many Labs are arising in cities and small towns, creating a network of micro factories that can provide services for our products. There are also many Makers (even very young ones!) that build a strong amateurs culture and create their ideas with Open Source and Digital Fabrication and realize them themselves with the latest 3D printers.


A new way of doing business

MQB wants to encourage this new generation of creators, designers and producers who belong to the world of craftsmanship as well as to the digital world, linking all upcoming organizations in the field of Digital Fabrication.

To do so it is going to be fundamental to have the cooperation of the appropriate institutions to create the base to help this new way of doing business grow.



Our startup was born on January 20, 2014 in Parma, thanks to the long experience of the two founding partners: Eugene Morini and Michela Montanini.

To meet the growing market demands, the goal of MQB is to promote the development of products with domestic 3D printers. A product can in fact be designed on the computer and be printed in 3D, with a system that prints the design from special materials layer by layer and thereby forms a real, solid object. We create the product files, you print it in 3D at home! Futuristic? Maybe, but for us the future is now.

Today we can all realize our 3D prints at home. Yes, rapid prototyping is no longer reserved to large companies. Thanks to the increasing number of FabLabs worldwide, you too can become a Maker and realize your own 3D prints.


Our expenses for research and development activities are directed to the development of products to be produced with domestic 3D printers and the continous search for materials to realize the final products. Our goal is to develop small series productions of various types: urban furniture, toys, urban mobility.



  1. IDEA

We think of a new product that will cover latent market needs, to be launched on a niche market with a small number of customers.


We create files for the printing of the products. This includes a phase of engineering to check and ensure the viability.


Upon request (without storage) we realize products, created in this way.

We sell the product files, with the possibility to customize them, which will then be printed in the service centers available in your area.



Eugene Morini

Chief Executive, head designer, responsible for the design, the technical part of things and production.

Diploma of Stylist Engineering from the High School of Automobile Science, Modena has decades of experience in the automotive field. Over the years he has worked with Daimler-Benz, Pagani Automobili, Lotus Cars, Aquila Italian Cars, Polini Motori, Yamaha Italy, Yamaha Japan.

For 10 years he was the owner of a sole proprietorship that worked in the field of design.


Michela Montanini

Chief architect, responsible for advanced designs, personal formation and identifying customer segments.

Degree in Architecture from the University “Politecnico di Milano”, after a course in car design at the University, she was honored at the auto show in Turin ‘94 by Giorgetto Giugiaro as the”Best female participant”.

Has an internship experience in Fiat Auto for the development of a new product for mobility.

During 15 years as a freelancer she has developed advanced design projects for competitions (awarded at the auto show in 94, the furniture fair in 2001 with a concept for learning spaces) and realized projects of strategic design for clients such as Martini SpA, Agrilandia arl, Vexel Srl