What we do

We have two hearts that beat as one: we are consultants and designers but also “augmented artisans”

What we do for our clients is looking for new opportunities in the market to be more competitive by developing borderline products that intersect the different specializations and move from one sector to another with unexplored specificity.

Consulting & Design

We deliver a 360 ° plan, working in synergy with all protagonists involved in the creative process to create innovation: through the ideas, the use of technological materials and teamwork we can build a coherent and integrated design process that reduces the time of the innovation process, thus improving the results.

Thanks to the different specificities, each project is considered in its entirety to leave nothing to chance and provide a turnkey service.

We have designed the following:

– A product (Barbieri products, Martini products, Easy Garden, Il Coccio, La Cipressa, Vexell);

– A space (stand Cosmoprof, Cosmopak, VinItaly, stores);

– A car (Pagani, Carter Brothers, Lotus car, EVQ the car to wear, FORTASSE prototype for a vehicle with two separate seats);

– A motorcycle (Yamaha, Polini, tecnologic);

– Other (Fantacar, Martini spa, Giorm, Carbone-a–porter).

Our strength lies in the relationships with workers and professionals selected over the years, which in turn are involved according to the needs of the project and allow us to realize projects from the idea to the prototype to the pre-series, to the product, ready to be marketed.

We are looking for partners for the development of innovative ideas for a constantly expanding market, to export ideas Made in Italy and produce as well as market them worldwide. We are, in fact, trying to create the base for an e-project: global projects for a global market and a higher quality of the products.

Finesse, craftsmanship, technology: a modern “workshop”

In addition to the experience in the field of design and consultation, we also boast capabilities that lead us to be called “augmented craftsmen.” We are talking about a kind of “workshop” 2.0 that combines the passion and meticulousness of the artisans of the past with modern technology, such as 3D printers.

Carbone-a-porter: an example of Strategic Branding

Through the creation of an image and the launching of a brand we have patented a business idea itself: the precious line “new-wave”.

This jewelry is made from carbon fiber, (series of jewelry slides) used for the first time in combination with gold and diamonds, reinterpreting a millennial sector: the art of the goldsmiths. Not only have we thought of a „nice shape“ but researched innovative materials, reinforcing the idea that we call “brand strategy”.

EVG: Making each car a unique piece

Another concept we’ve been working on for about a year, is the design of a car.

The goal is to create a means of transport niche that excites the way cars of the past did, but with all the elements that the most successful car manufacturers of today are providing: Modularity that allows you to customize the vehicle to your liking (for example, the choice of propulsion, or other elements that make each car a unique piece).

EVQ (photo) is a car designed as a “product” of consumption, just like a pair of glasses or a t-shirt. It is an object to be worn according to our moods and our needs, a product that is not only functional but also to our personal taste. It is going to allow customization to meet in depth the individual needs that can’t be found in products offered by car manufacturers today – the object of your dreams.

In both cases that we just talked about, we have built the base for a process of communication (brand identity and strategy), aimed at communicating the values ​​of the brand through the stores and the stands (trade show and retail desig), which is extremely useful in order to create a strong and recognizable brand image over time. This work is to be developed in collaboration with relevant partners, able to grab our challenge of the niche market, to create and  imagine new ways for the dissemination and distribution and perhaps even through new channels.

This is what we did for Martini Spa, for which we started as a product designer for the line „coccole di sapone“ thatresulted in the famous “Arome”, the first three-dimensional aromatized sponges. In the process we have taken care of the communication, branding and trade show stand –  when we approach a project we like to leave no stone unturned and we try to think of every aspect. Like we did withe first „garden in the kitchen“, Easy Garden, for which we relized:

– Brand design

– Naming

– Logo

– Packaging

– Methods of marketing at point of sale

– Stand

The product consists of peat pellet cubes ofs 3×3 cm, obtained with a particular production process. For the packaging we proposed a blister sealed packaging and considering the distribution in supermarkets, used a strong graphic impact.

In addition to aspects related to the brand design, we have also restyled several corporate logos, for example, for the historical manufacturer of evaporators “Il coccio” for which we created , in addition to the design of each individual evaporator, also to the packaging, communication and product catalogs.


Designing for two and four wheels

Not only communication, but a lot of design, cars and motorcycles in the front line. One of our projects is, for example, the first hybrid GT and Superbike: it’s unique motion was presented at the Verona Motor Bike Expo 2012 commissioned by Motoshop Parma in collaboration with Diapason Racing. Our part was the design and realization. The windshield was printed with the technology of rapid prototyping, while the front was completely redesigned to improve aerodynamics and comfort.

Another example, was commissioned to us by Carter Brothers, an American company of vehicles for leisure, involving the vehicle with an engine-derived motorcycle called UTV Utility transport vehicles. The design was chosen to give a more “automotive” and young look, an aspect not considered by the competition.

Three variants were produced, Matrix 300  and Buggy Revo 150, the latter is designed for the entertainment of children up to 14 years, with the possibility of accommodating an adult as a passenger. This vehicle is particularly suitable for a medium-extreme off-road use.