The company, MQB SRL is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Parma to the special section of innovative start-ups, in accordance with art. 25 D. L. 25 179/2012, converted in the law n. 221/2012, from 02.05.2014.

Born on January 20, 2014, they call themselves a “Modern Workshop” with the vision to design, create, make and sell innovative products with high technological contents of different sizes and diversifications of materials used in the a wide range of product sectors, with 3D printers .

The goal are self-produced designs. The evolution of the design is moving towards self-production like proposing high quality products that are manufactured without industrialization, using advanced technological tools in both the design and production phase.

Small productions, unique models, limited productions, like it used to be when technology had not entered our lives yet.

The company is looking to promote this vision that is becoming more and more popular and that they are expecting to grow over the next few years. MQB believes that this is the market of the future.

Therefore MQB is working on a project to raise the interest in the use of 3D printing in the production of objects. The goal is to spread the word through an initiative for citizens, schools and anyone curious about this new concept.

MQB promotes an initiative linked to the project “Small Makers are Growing”, to involve children of primary, middle and high schools, stimulating their creativity to find inspiration in everyday life. MQB will reward digital designs or projects created manually that are either innovative or that have been modified to have new forms or functions.

MQB will produce the three best ideas with their printers.


  • To stimulate the creativity of young people
  • Helping the young generation understand a new market that turns to self-production
  • Raising awareness in educational institutions for the importance of an inventive spirit, especially if tied to a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, of great crisis, but also of great opportunity


  • Promotion of technical-scientific knowledge
  • Enhancement of creativity and design skills of young people


Young students and their teachers or mentors.


Participation is voluntary and completely free.

You can submit only individually, presenting one project only.

Submission of entries will be carried out in digital mode by sending the file as a pdf by e-mail to: The call for proposals closes 12:00 pm (CET) on 15 April 2015. The first three projects, chosen from the ones received, will be rewarded with the realization of their invention with our printers.The ideas will be evaluated by a jury of MQB, Cesare Zanetti of Protoservice and teachers who have followed the project within the school. The purpose of this call for proposals is to reach out and show kids the potential of the digital fabrication and production process while engaging in the realization of their own idea.This proposal does not imply any commitment by the parties and is not contractual.


The children will present their proposals with mixed techniques, 2D sketches, models or simply by describing their idea in detail.