Make Quick Be Born


“… a future in which consumers will download the products from the Internet in the same way that today downloading music, and will print them at home or at a local service after changing the product according to their tastes. This is certainly a distant dream, but in any case a new industrial revolution may be at the door” (The Economist, 2011).

While waiting for the revolution announced by „ The Economist” we are working towards it and have created a “workshop” to do so.

Makers are digital artisans who are changing the concept of production and supply, inspired by the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, instead of providing the comunity with a finished product, they rather provide the means to build a product that meets your taste and your needs, expectations and zest for action, using the latest technology.

What do we do?

With the use of new technologies, innovative materials and specialized design services, we manufacture and market customized and personalized products, even in a single copy, for companies and end users.

Anyone can commission a project and decide whether to buy only the file, the prototype or carry out a  small production with us.



3D printers, laser cutters, services for rapid prototyping, scalable hardware and open-source culture are just some of the ingredients needed to create a modern “workshop”.

This is what we do at MQB:  We create products by suggesting the best technical solutions without neglecting the aesthetics, to reconcile the feasibility and costs with the design. From the idea to the project, to its completion, we bring product innovation and process together, creating tailored ideas for both reproducible products and unique customized products.



Once, products were made by putting together many different of parts, for example by welding and screwing them together.

Now, thanks to the three-dimensional printers, a product can be designed on a computer and after a very short time be printed in 3D. The process can be carried out in complete automation, without an operator being present to keep an eye on the printer. In addition printing technologies allow the creation of very elaborate products, not realizable with current production systems.


While in the factory of the past enormous amounts of the same product were produced, new technologies are making it easier and more cost-effective to produce customized products according to the requirements of individual customers.